Financial Capability Development

Our Capability Development program seeks to understand the determinants of consumer behaviour in order to develop new approaches to capability development. Our solutions are informed by client centric research and evaluated in terms of desirability, feasibility and viability.

We work with partners that recognise the powerful combination of building client capability alongside the provision of responsible and inclusive financial services. Good Return builds its partner’s capacity to implement training programs and awareness campaigns that develop financial capability and/or sustainable agriculture.



About Financial Capability

Building consumer financial capability and empowerment is a dynamic and interactive process. The Financial Inclusion 2020 Working Group highlighted ‘the need to shift the paradigm from financial education as knowledge transfer to financial capability development that promotes the combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to make sound financial decisions and exercise choices that support one’s needs, preferences and priorities’. The Financial Inclusion 2020 Working Group came about through an extensive consultative process which included Citi, Mastercard, IPA, MFO and global experts from the public and private sectors.

With greater financial capability clients are better empowered to choose and use financial products and services in ways that makes the most of their scarce resources to advance their greater life goals.

Good Return defines financial capability acquisition as the process of equipping people with both the ‘capacity to act’ as well as the opportunities for experimentation and rehearsal necessary to build the ‘motivation and confidence to act’. Alongside building Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes, behaviour change is a crucial component of building effective consumer financial capability.

Good Return’s training delivery approach recognises the challenges of working with adults who have not completed formal education. It uses simple ‘rules of thumb’ associated with financial decision points, often delivered visually or through stories.

Our Capability Development program seeks to develop strong financial capability and/or successful rural livelihood and environmentally sound farming practices (agronomics). We strive to be an innovator and leader in effective client training by:

  • staying abreast of industry innovations
  • contributing to sector level initiatives (e.g. Smart Campaign, Cerise SPI [Social Performance Indicators], PPI etc.)
  • piloting and/or developing tools and approaches with partners
  • presenting at conferences
  • writing short papers/blogs etc. and engaging with prominent donors and development partners in the sector